Introducing continuous training for attorneys at law with the new proposed amending bill

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The Law on Advocacy (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” No.59/02, 60/06, 29/07, 106/08, 135/11, 113/12 and 148/15) entered into force on 31.07.2002.

This law regulates the provision of legal aid by the bar to natural and legal persons in exercising and protecting their rights and their interests based on law in the procedure before the courts, state bodies, other legal entities, bodies of local self-government units, performing the legal activity, as well as the organization of the legal profession, the conditions for performing and termination of legal activity and the rights and obligations of the attorneys, as well as the insurance of the attorneys from liability for damage.

The Ministry of Justice announced the beginning of the process for preparation of amendments to the Law on Advocacy with the adoption of a new draft law, according to which a legal obligation will be introduced for continuous training of attorneys organized by the Bar Association of the Republic of Macedonia with a legally established fund of classes per year. The Draft Law on Amending the Law on Advocacy, in addition to introducing continuous training for lawyers, provides a comprehensive analysis of the existing legal structure and work of the legal profession and its reform in line with reforms in other segments of the justice sector.

The purpose of the bill, according to the Ministry of Justice, is to strengthen the legal profession that will be able to respond to the reformed justice sector.

The set time frame for preparation of this draft law is from 26.04.2021 to 26.05.2021.