Our team

Professional composition of 12 employees

Darko Konstantinovich

Managing Partner

After graduating on the Faculty of Law in Skopje within the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, he has gained a tremendous experience as an attorney/partner at the Law firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski.
Darko is representing national as well as international corporative clients in a wide range of operations.
He has more than 15 years of national and international experience in the field of corporate processes, mergers and acquisitions, banking and financing, trade law, real estates, mortgages, debts restructuring and their payment, competition protection, labor relations.
Darko is member of the Bar Association of the Republic of Macedonia from 2006.

Aleksandar Miloshevski

Managing Partner

After completing his education on the Faculty of Law in Skopje, he began establishing his career as an attorney, and then became a Partner at the Law firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski. 
Aleksandar has more than 15 years of work experience in the field representing various clients, national and international companies.
Milosevski is a member of the Management Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia, until September 2019 he was a Vice President of MCC and currently he is a President of the Chamber of Commerce for Mediation and sale of real estate.
He is active in the business community in Macedonia and is a certified arbitrator in the Court of Arbitration within the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia with experience on representing in international arbitration courts.
In the course of his career, Aleksandar Milosevski was included in many projects, particularly in the field of energetics, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, proceeding for tax return, large international investment projects including national and international companies, representing them in negotiations in court and in administrative bodies.
His immense experience is enabling him to successfully represent the clients of the Law firm Kostantinovik&Milosevski in any type of negotiations in the court as well as in the administrative bodies.
His recent projects include:
• Acting as a local counsellor for the International bank in proceeding worth several million euros for debt collection.
• Acting as a counsellor in proceeding for conclusion of a multimillion contract for gasification of RM.
• Acting as a legal representative in court representing a big multinational shipping company in a multimillion litigation against RM.

Biljana Miloshevska

Managing partner

With over fifteen years of exceptionally vast professional experience, Billjana in 2019 she is joining the team Konstantinovic & Milosevski.
Her high-quality portfolio includes experience in the banking sector, mostly as a head of the legal department of certain banks, and at the same time she was a member of the Commission for loan and residual debts in one of the commercial banks in Macedonia.
Her work domain is in the area of business law, banking and finance, employment and labor law.

Zoran Miloshevski


Zoran Milosevski is an Attorney at the Law firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski. His work is focused on the civil law, commercial law, criminal law, labour relations and representation in administrative proceedings. We emphasize his work in the area of criminal cases where he has achieved the greatest success.

Dushko Goshevski

Independent attorney – partner

Dushko Goshevski is an independent Attorney, partner to the Law firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski. He is performing in the scope of corporate law with a particular focus on tax, business and commercial law. The many years of experience in the tax administration on the highest management positions among which an assistant manager of PRO, President of the Commission for misdemeanor matters, Head of the Regional Centre. Winner of the award “Sv. Matej” for professionality and efficiency in the work. Member of the subcommittee PTICO for reporting with EU in the area of taxes. He is elected as an external commission agent in the Securities & Exchange Commission by the Assembly of RNM. He is a co-author of the publication “70 years tax system in R.Macedonia and 20 years of the tax workers day”. Participant in many seminars in the country and abroad. He is actively dedicated in the area of environment protection.

Elena Kovalevska

Attorney at Law

Elena Kovalevska is an Attorney at the Law firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski. Her work is focused on the civil law, commercial law, labor relations and representation in administrative proceedings. She is representing the domestic and foreign natural persons and legal entities in courts and other authorities in Macedonia with an extremely positive experience by providing a maximal professional protection to the clients for a wide range of issues.

Marija Gligoroska Hadzi Jankov

Attorney at Law

Marija Gligoroska Hadzi Jankov acquired her Master’s Degree in Business Law at the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus in Skopje where she also completed the undergraduate law studies. After graduation, she began her internship in a law firm and later continued developing her professional skillset in the judicial system which helped her successfully pass the bar exam.

Today she is part of the Law Firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski where her job is to provide support to the legal team, legal research, filing, and other regular work activities.

Hristina Nedelcheva

Office manager - Marketing

She acquired her education on the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus – Skopje within the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. Hristina is responsible for providing smooth functioning of the operation in the Law firm in the area of administration, menagment of the documents, accounting and marketing. She is maintaining relations with all clients and companies and of course offers assistance in the logistics operations of the other team members.

Ksenija Bozhinova

Office Manager - Finances

She graduated business and administration on the University American College – Skopje. Her responsibilities in the Law firm are providing consistency of all activities, management of the documents and financial statements of the firm. 

Filip Golubov


He began his praxis at the Law firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski in February 2019. His focus of work is in the area of corporate law, contractual law, banking, finance and securities, as well as advising both domestic and foreign investors on a variety of legal matters.

David Bozhinov


David Bozhinov is upgrading his education with a master’s degree in the area of criminal law at the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus. With his engagement in the Law firm Konstantinovic & Milosevski he provides an ongoing support to his legal team by drafting legal documents and many other legal issues beyond the scope of the formal practice of law.

Ljupka Atanasovska


Ljupka Atanasovska is a graduate economist with a license as a certified accountant. In her 20-year professional career as a Manager and Chief Financial Officer, she has successfully performed her functions in the financial accounting management and gained rich experience and knowledge of legal regulations and knowledge in several areas: financial analysis, banking, preparation of investment programs, business plans, cost budgeting, foreign trade operations, monitoring of internal control and audit processes. Confirmation of many years of work experience are most certificates, acknowledgments and appreciations.

Katerina Eliseeva Trajcheva


Katerina is certified licensed accountant. Her experience aligns well with our core business as accounting activities and financial consulting, particularly her role as a financial assistant in international company for foreign investments, as a senior sales representative in an Online trading company, trading with currencies, bonds, shares, also as a bank accounting officer in one of the national banks. Her last arrangements werefor an American medical provider as a payment and insurance assistant.