New prohibition on group gathering and implementation of the fourth set of economic measures


At yesterday’s session, the Government adopted several decisions and measures to stop and prevent the spread of COVID-19, including a decision on the prohibition on group gathering of more than four people in public space, parks, public areas or anywhere in an open area during all day, with exceptions to this prohibition provided.

Previously, the prohibition on group gathering was valid only after 9 p.m.

A realization of the fourth set of economic measures for the revitalization of the economy in conditions of COVID-19 within the Ministry of Economy is also provided.

For that purpose, the Government decided the Ministry of Economy to transfer 60.000.000 denars from the program P1-Measures for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis on a special account of the Development Bank of Macedonia AD Skopje in the National Bank, as a budget contribution for the implementation of the measure interest-free loans with a 30 percent grant component for micro and small enterprises (SMEs) through the Development Bank.