News in the Law on personal income tax (making the progressive tax inactive in the period from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022)


The Law on amendments and supplements to the Law on personal income tax was published in the “Official Gazette of RNM” number 275/2019 from 27.12.2019.
The purpose of the amendments and supplements to the Law on  personal income tax is to regulate the inactivity of the implementation of the progressive tax on personal income tax from work, income from independent activity, income from copyrights and related rights and income from sale of personal agricultural products for a period of 36 months.
The implementation of the rate of 15% on the income of industrial property rights, lease and sublease, capital, insurance and other income will also be made inactive, i.e., the same will be taxed with 10% in the following three years (from 2020 to 2022).
In this period, the rate of 15% will continue to be aplicable only during the taxation of lottery winnings.
Moreover, with the new law solution, the beginning of the taxation of capital gains from the sale of securities and stakes in investment funds, as well as the interest on time deposits will be delayed until 1 January 2023.